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Discover our handpicked projects spanning diverse sectors, offering solid investment prospects and shaping the future of finance.

Our Projects

“Our recruitment services go beyond matching skills to
jobs; we connect businesses with talent that aligns with
their culture and goals, ensuring mutual success and
growthInvestors in DK Recruitment benefit from the
growth of human capital, as our recruitment services
connect businesses with the right talent andgenerating
returns through the strategic placement of skilled

At Social Swirl, we transform ideas into digital realities. As
an IT software house, we specialize in scalable solutions,
leveraging technology to drive business growth.
Investors in Social Swirl gain from the burgeoning tech
industry, with our IT software house consistently delivering
innovative solutions, positioning them for profitable returns
in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.”

“Indulge in the elegance of Elisha, where fashion meets flair.
Our women’s clothing brand blends timeless style with
contemporary trends, offering a curated collection that
empowers and celebrates individuality.
Invest in Elisha for lucrative returns as our women’s
clothing brand continues to capture market trends,
ensuring both style and profitability.”

Gotrolley an accessory store specialising in items like hands-free devices, chargers, earbuds, etc. has recently secured investment from DK Group. This strategic partnership is poised to bolster Gotrolley market presence and enhance its product offerings. With DK Group support Gotrolley aims to further expand its range of accessories while maintaining its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Loja a clothing brand, has attracted investment from DK Group, marking a significant milestone in its growth journey. Specialising in fashion apparel, Loja is poised to elevate its presence in the market with the support of DK Group. This strategic investment aims to fuel Loja’s expansion efforts, allowing it to diversify its product range, enhance customer experiences, and establish a stronger foothold in the fashion industry.

Our Plans

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